Nitrites - latest news (June 5, 2023)

The FDA says people are confusing poppers with energy shots, and dying. Experts want proof

It’s not unusual for the packaging of one product to resemble that of another, potentially leading to mix-ups. But the U.S. | 13 hours ago
The Best&Worst Bacon Brands, According to a Dietitian

It's hard to imagine a Sunday breakfast without a plate of bacon to pick from. This salty breakfast food is a staple served with eggs, crumbled on salads, or eaten as a sweet and salty dessert.Despite ... |
Nitrosamines: What to know about the cancer-causing chemicals being found in our food and medicines

Europe is investigating the risks posed by nitrosamines - chemicals found in food products and medicines that have been ... | 2 days ago
FDA issues fresh warning about 'poppers' - the sex enhancement drug sold in gas stations that Americans are mistaking for energy drinks and DYING

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the advice this week warning that some people had died after consuming poppers. | 9 days ago
Don't Chug Poppers, FDA Warns

The FDA has continued to receive reports of people getting hurt or dying from “consuming poppers that resemble, and often ... | 9 days ago

One of Italy's most iconic and traditional foods is entering a completely new chapter as California-based Olli Salumeria officially launches the first preservative-free salami in the North American ... | 10 days ago
The FDA Would Like People to Please Stop Drinking Poppers Instead of Energy Shots

The Food and Drug Administration would like to remind everybody that poppers, much like Tide pods, are not “the forbidden ... | 10 days ago
Air-Dried Meat Snack Maker Stryve Names SVP/GM, Chief Customer Officer

Katie Grady has been named chief customer officer of Stryve Foods Inc., a Plano-based leader in the air-dried meat snack ... | 1 day ago
Poppers are being accidentally mistaken for energy drinks

People are falling seriously ill and even dying as a result of drinking poppers, mistaking them for energy drinks. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that it is continuing to ... | 5 days ago
7 Worst Store-Bought Hot Dogs to Stay Away From Right Now

Dietitians deliver the frank truth about the unhealthiest hot dogs you can buy. Here are 7 store-bought hot dogs you need to ... |
Chroming: Social media trend of inhaling toxic chemicals to get high takes the life of 13-year-old

A lethal social media trend called “chroming” is on the rise among young teenagers seeking to get a high. Last month, 13-year-old Esra Haynes lost her life to the trend after inhaling chemicals from a ... |
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