Dalli - latest news (June 5, 2023)

Exclusive: Patrick Dalli – ‘Court Has A Political And Personal Vendetta Against Me And My Family’

In a passionate and controversial display of defiance, Patrick Dalli, popular Maltese artist and father to Jean Marc Dalli, ...
lovinmalta.com | 12 hours ago
Patrick Dalli insults Chief Justice in open court after son's drug trafficking statement deemed admissible

Patrick Dalli, husband to European Commissioner Helena Dalli, went on a five-minute courtroom rant shouting 'Mafia', ...
www.maltatoday.com.mt | 4 days ago
Patrick Dalli lashes out at Chief Justice in open court

Patrick Dalli, husband to former European Commissioner Helena Dalli, dramatically lashed out at Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti ...
www.independent.com.mt | 4 days ago
Artist Patrick Dalli screams 'mafia' at chief justice in packed courtroom

Jean Marc Dalli was convicted in 2021 of trafficking ecstasy at a party in Corradino back in 2013 after he was caught-red ...
timesofmalta.com | 4 days ago
‘Drugs in prison are negligible’: only 7 cases from 3,376 tests – prison director

Only seven out of 3,376 urine tests carried out on prisoners in 2022 turned out positive, CEO of Corradino Correctional ...
www.independent.com.mt | 15 hours ago
Opinion: ‘Sustainable’ LNG Shipping Is A Lie – And Malta Is Cruising Towards Catastrophe

Earlier this year, the so-called “sustainably-fuelled” MSC World Europa cruise liner made its first visit to Valletta’s Grand ...
lovinmalta.com |
MEPs vote for EU to ratify Istanbul Convention against violence against women

Several EU countries still refuse to ratify the Istanbul Convention and the vote in the European Parliament will not force ...
uk.style.yahoo.com | 10/05/2023
Putin's energy blackmail of Europe has failed, commissioner says

Russian President Vladimir Putin's attempt to blackmail Europe using energy resources has failed, but next year will still be ...
uk.news.yahoo.com | 18/05/2023
Sansovini and van der Weken claim sprint success on first day of Malta 2023

Francesco Sansovini of San Marino and Patrizia van der Weken of Luxembourg claimed the respective men’s and women’s 100 ...
www.insidethegames.biz | 4 days ago
Early childhood centres demand teacher-to-child ratio increases for babies, toddlers

Two-year-olds are only required to have one teacher to 10 toddlers.
www.msn.com | 4 days ago
Toys R Us is coming to an airport near you

While you may have thought you’d seen the last of Toys R Us, it isn’t over for the popular toy retailer. The company ...
www.consumeraffairs.com | 5 days ago
These 16 public spaces are to be upgraded in €10 million greening scheme

The project was announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Environment Minister Miriam Dalli and Project Green CEO Steve Ellul on Monday. Ellul and Dalli explained that while the scheme concerns the ...
timesofmalta.com | 12 days ago
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